Things to do in Indiana

Chain O’ Lakes State Park

For families that love boating, this is the perfect place to spend your time. There are nine of the state’s most beautiful lakes in this area that ll connect to make up the Chain o’Lakes State Park. Ten miles of trails will send you hiking through forests, you can fish the lakes that permit only electric motors, and choose to camp in a hillside cabin surrounded by woods. A one-room school house will let give any kids in your party the feel for what things used to be like in school. Camping, picnicking and sitting on the lake’s many beaches will all be on tap on a day spent at this state park.

Marengo Cave

Thirty-six miles west of Louisville, KY, this beautifully, privately owned cave has been opened for all to enjoy. Two tours are hosted through the cave on foot that can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old. Gemstones can be found in the rock and dirt in the cave and for those older than ten there is an undeveloped area in the cave who want to weave and wind their way through a maze that is called “the Crawl.”

Stahly-Nissley-Kuhns Farmstead

This is the only Amish farm that is included in The National Register of Historic Places. Amish Acres has been open for tours by the public since 1970. Members of the family were thought to be some of the earliest settlers in the state. The farmstead pays homage to the Amish way of life and the three generations of family that have lived there. Encompassing eighty acres, you can learn from a guide as your tour the twelve room house, the barn and other outbuildings. The farm is a working farm today and the sights and sounds of the activity will surround those who visit.

Potawatomi Wildlife Park

This is a 200-acre complex with a lot of exploring and fun to be had with fields, ponds, woodlands, , and wetlands. The Tippecanoe River promises water fun and the site is a sanctuary that will let you identify and enjoy a variety of plants and animals native to the state of Indiana. Keep your eyes peeled for the beautiful birds that call the area home.

Washington Park Zoo

Enjoy more than 250 animals in a setting that is unique for a zoo set near the southern shore of Lake Michigan. Breathtaking gardeners are found in and around the zoo that make this a pleasure to visit for the day.