5 Reasons to Live in Indiana

America is full of wonderful states that make up the famous fifty states, and each state has something unique and wonderful to offer to its residents. It is not always easy to choose a place to live, as there are so many different options. Indiana is an example of a wonderful place to live. It offers jobs, lower living costs, very little pollution, good colleges, business opportunities, and more.

Indianapolis, Indiana is a great place to go job hunting. In fact, it was listed on Forbes as the number 24 best places for careers and businesses. In addition, CareerBliss has named the city as the ninth best city to find a job.

An excellent plus to living in Indiana is the cost of living. Indiana is so much cheaper than many other cities, especially the large ones. According to cityrating.com, the cost of living in Indiana is even lower than the national average. While the average national salary is $8,148.00, the average salary in Indiana is $41,660.00. Also, the consumer price index 8.15%, is lower than the United States average, and the state only has a 7.00% sales tax.

AreaVibes has ranked Fort Wayne, Indiana as number 8 in the top 10 cities with the best air quality. Because of the flat, mid-west land, the air is unusually clean, which provides it's residents with good health and extremely minimal pollution.

The state of Indiana may not have any Ivy League universities, but it does boast some excellent college choices. Purdue University, Indiana University, University of Notre Dame, and Purdue University Indianapolis are among the top four universities in the state. These universities are well trained to equip their students with the skills necessary to succeed in today's economy.

Unlike really big cities, Indiana (particularly Indianapolis) is not so congested with people that it's hard to network for business opportunities. This is the perfect opportunity for young entrepreneurs. Many of them will find it much easier to find mentors, set up meetings, and be noticed, because the openness of the community. Successful entrepreneurs have much more time to meet with aspiring entrepreneurs, because there are much less people in the area. This is definitely a great opportunity that could be easily taken advantage of.

Like any state, Indiana is not perfect by far, but it is constantly growing and improving. In August of 2014, community members gathered in Indianapolis to fight against crime by providing recreational activities for children and teens. In 2012, the once tiny state even hosted the National Superbowl. Indiana is truly a wonderful state to live, and it is constantly growing.